Wednesday, March 30, 2011


    I spend most of my day in my kitchen. It is literally the center of my home. I have my awesome pink Crosley in my kitchen along with 15 different signs that say anything from Mom's Kitchen to, If you can Dream it You can do it. 

 I also always have a computer in the kitchen. So I pretty much live/work in there. But I am not the most organized person when it comes to the cabinets and finding things. One thing all kitchens have and I never use is canisters. Truth is I put the coffee and flour in the fridge, not sure why it is just something we have always done. The canisters usually sit by the stove which means they have a ton of grease on them but nothing in them. I had some plain solid black ones I got from my mother years ago and I never knew what to put in them, every once in a while I would hide candy in one then find it six months later. But with a little vinyl and a whole bunch of windex. I made my old yucky non-used canisters new. I also now know exactly what is in them. 
Best part is H even said "Cute" when he came home then changed it to that looks nice. lol Men!
I will have these decals on Etsy Friday, I can make them in 9 other colors and fonts. 
Now off to find a real cookie jar for more decal fun! (I hide the cookies in the microwave from the kids) Shhh...

XO Gossip Gal

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  1. oh fine, put TEA in the small one sheeseh :p

    ~ purplecrazies