Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornado Relief

     Sorry I left that last post at a dead end, I have been in a bit of funk lately, plus so busy with the school year ending and just life. But aside from that I wanted to share with you how great the people of the US have been, heck the whole world. After the storm not only did I stop everything I was doing to donate what was left of my couponing stockpile but I received a huge response from real life friends and twitter friends. I have had many people ask how to help, I have had people donate clothing, travel items, diapers, bibles and a huge donation from Tyndale with 3 large boxes of Bibles.
                         Now another large area has been hit by a deadly tornado; Joplin, Missouri. They also need our help. But many of us are Moms, students, teachers and are barely making our own ends meet. So what can we do with little of nothing? One thing to know is every little bit helps, so even if it is dropping a can off in the local food bank, someone will appreciated it. You also can always donate blood to your local LifeSouth or blood bank. Many people are have been injured and many blood banks have also lost their stored blood due the storm damage and loss of power. You can also text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10. And how about that gift card you have been carrying around for months and always forget to use.

 How about donating it to Alabama cards of Hope (site) Facebook  its so easy to do, I know I always have a few odd cards in my purse that I think I will use one day but never do. You can also submit your gift card electronically.  Another really cool way to help is a donation that gives you a chance to win a Guitar Autographed by Kenny Chesney, a lady won this really neat Guitar the day after the storms and although she loves it she feels too blessed to keep it to herself.   

Kenny Chesney Guitar
You can buy tickets for that here and find out more information on it on Facebook
It has almost been one month since the storms in Alabama and it is still shocking to me every day to drive down the road and see trees still down and homes and stores that I had just been to now gone. But I am now proud to say I am from Alabama and it's a joy to see how much closer we have all became as a community.
Thanks again to everyone for sending items many have been handed directly to families who needed them. 

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